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According to the Consumer Product and Safety Commission, fencing and barriers around swimming pools provide the extra safety to help prevent pool accidents, many of which occur with younger children ages 5 and under. Pool fencing also keeps pets and other wildlife from your swimming pool.

Always check with your local your local code enforcement or building department to make sure you are meeting proper building and safety codes before installing or protective barriers around your swimming pool. In addition, obtain the proper permits before installing your pool fencing or other barriers.

Swimming pool fencing should be tall enough to keep small children from entering the pool area alone. If you are using wrought iron fencing with bars, make sure
the bars are spaced close enough to where a child cannot squeeze through. Pool fences should be kept in good condition and have locks or latches high enough to
where they cannot be reached by small children. Gates should be equipped with springs that enable them to shut automatically.

Avoid stacking objects next to the fence. Do not place patio furniture, or building anything next to a swimming pool, that would provide a child a way to climb over the fence or protective barrier. Trim all tree branches that hang low enough for a child to use as a tool to climb over the fence.

Some popular styles of swimming pool fencing include wood, aluminum, wrought iron, and vinyl. You can see the average cost to install vinyl fence online and though, not as stylish as the previous fences, chain-link fences are often popular in their practicality. Some companies do offer chain linking in different colors, such as green, black, and bronze. Some people choose fencing that is more expensive for aesthetic purposes or have a brick or stone wall constructed around their swimming pool. Whatever the material you chose, make sure that the height of your fence is at lest 4 feet, has self-latching gates that small children cannot open.

Many people are unaware that removable pool fences are also an option. These fences are constructed of transparent mesh material, or aluminum meshing mounted in a fiberglass, or aluminum framing system. Most removable fences are sold in individual sections that
you buy to enclose your pool and some include gating. In order to be effective, removable pool fences must be fastened securely to the decking. You can secure the removable pool fences to the decking through holes already drilled into the decking or with fasteners. Removable pool fencing comes in a variety of colors, and is available online through several Internet retailers.



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