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Predominantly swimming pool fencing is seen around inground swimming pools, however, swimming pool fencing is a precaution that should be taken with above ground pools. Although safety is still the number one reason to have fencing or protective barriers installed, swimming pool fencing can actually enhance backyard landscaping and provide a stylish look to you home and landscaping.

A beautiful deck built around you above ground pool, and complimented with swimming pool fencing, is another option to fully optimize the look and safety of your above ground swimming pool.

When purchasing your pool fencing, it is very important that the fencing you choose comes with self-latching gates. Make sure the latches are high enough so that small children cannot reach them. The minimum height of the gates and fencing should be four feet, high enough so that children cannot climb over.

In many cities and counties across the country, it is also mandated by city safety codes that above ground swimming pool be surrounded by fencing.

Rigid vinyl swimming pool fencing for aboveground pools meets safety equipment standards. Most vinyl swimming pool fences come with 20-year warranties, are maintenance-free, U/V protected, and have no sharp edges. The fencing kits come complete with instructions,
allowing for easy installation of your new swimming pool fencing..


The two main types of swimming pool fencing:

Inground swimming pool fencing

Above Ground swimming pool fences.


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