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Vinyl Replacement Windows By Andersen

Andersen windows are known to be durable, energy efficient, and relatively inexpensive. Andersen Vinyl windows can be installed brand new or retrofitted over old ones. In the past, vinyl windows had problems with extreme temperature changes which would cause the vinyl window to expand or contract at different rates then the glass. This would cause cracks, leaks, and poor fitting. Today these problems are very rare due to the improvement in materials that are used.

Andersen Vinyl Windows as Window Replacements
In many older neighborhoods, homes will have single pane aluminum windows which are not energy efficient. With very reasonable Andersen window replacement prices using vinyl framed windows is a great option as they require less maintenance and are more energy efficient. Over time these energy efficient vinyl windows will pay for themselves through the cost savings from increased energy efficiency.

Andersen Vinyl Windows and Energy Bills
Andersen Double paned vinyl windows will keep your home temperature more stable. This will allow you to spend less money on heating and cooling your home. This is partly due to vinyl windows thermal conductivity, which is less than that of aluminum windows. This makes vinyl windows a great choice for cold or warm climates.

Andersen Vinyl Windows Components
The majority of vinyl windows are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Although it does offer many benefits, it also looks tends to look bulkier than metal or wood windows. The reason is that PVC isn’t as strong of a material and thus cannot be made ultra thin like other window options. The other drawback is that it gives your windows a plastic appearance. However, due to the simplicity of Andersen vinyl windows, they are very low maintenance, and only require an occasional window cleaning. Vinyl windows can resist dirt, stains, mold, scratches, dents or wear under ultraviolet sunlight. This means that Andersen vinyl replacement windows will typically last much longer than aluminum or wood.

Andersen Vinyl Windows Colors and Options
Although vinyl windows cannot be painted, they can be ordered from Andersen in different colors. Since the entire material needs to be pre-colored, it also allows the vinyl window to be resistant to scratches and dings. Since PVC has a high R-value, vinyl windows can be molded and colored to virtually any style. Some vinyl window designs also include matte, shiny, or faux wood-grain finishes.


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