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Planning Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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When planning your outdoor lighting let us give you some guidelines to help make your yard more beautiful:

Conceal the light source behind shrubs, etc., where possible - except where the fixture itself is a decorative element. This could be an outdoor light fixture

Don't over light - a little light goes a long way

Be creative in using a mixture of lighting techniques for drama and excitement

Arrange for an automatic device to turn lights on and off, such as a timer or photocell

Be considerate of your neighbors - aim lights so they do not shine into their windows

The basic steps are simple:
Decide what you want to light
Select the appropriate lighting techniques
Select the appropriate lighting fixtures and accessories
Select the appropriate bulbs
Choose the power supply

Note: For professional results, it's best to consult with an American Lighting Association Certified Lighting Consultant at one our showroom locations.

Type of Fixtures Types of Bulbs Power Supplies

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Selecting Your Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Type Function

Cylinder, Box Shape
and Bullet Shape These designs help focus and direct the light beams. Some also cut off glare and protect the lamp and socket from debris and moisture.

Spread and Diffused These low level units are designed to cast illumination in a broader pattern for: flower beds, perimeter plantings, driveways, steps and paths.

In-ground or Well Light Burying these fixtures flush with the ground conceals the light source. Use for upLighting trees and shrubs, an grazing textured walls.

Spot or Accent Versatile/adjustable fixtures used for uplighting, cross lighting, accenting and grazing. When mounted high up provide focused downlighting and moonlighting.

Wall Bracket, Ceiling Close-up,
Chain hung Lantern Mounted at entry doors, over garages and on porches, these stylish units cast light outward either direct or diffused.

Bollard and Post Lights These standing fixtures light pathways, steps, garden walks, deck and pool areas. They also provide attractive light patterns for driveways.

Swimming Pool and Fountain Lighting These fixtures are installed in sides and at ends of swimming pools and bottoms of fountains. Wet niche fixtures can be removed for lamp changes, while dry niche fixtures require access to the back of the pool shell. Colored lighting is popular for this application.

Timers, Transformers and Other Accessories Automatic timers, photocells, or motion sensors which turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn make landscape lighting convenient and energy saving. See manufacturers' catalogs for other accessories which may be required.


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