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Stylish pool fencing can enhance the look of your pool and backyard!

This pool fencing is used with inground swimming pools. According to the CDC, drowning is the second leading injury-related cause of death in children between the ages of 1-14. Across the country, more and more cities
and towns are mandating that homeowners have pool fencing erected around their swimming pools, whether they are inground or above ground pools. The number of children from infancy to age 4, the primary age group for drowning fatalities in the U.S., has been a springboard for public awareness campaigns, alerting the public of the need for swimming pool fencing, knowledge of CPR, and other awareness measures.

Swimming pool fencing is a necessity for families with small children and pets. Easy-to-install self-latching gates help to regulate entry. A pool cover will add
that extra degree of safety, and is worth the additional expense.

Aluminized swimming pool solar covers are a great energy-efficient investment. Eight mil and 12 mil swimming pool solar covers utilize the sun's energy. The aluminized coating on the underside of the solar covers reflects heat back into the pool. They last longer, keep your pool warmer, and come complete with a manufacturer's warranty

If you're concerned with removing the pool cover, then replacing it each time you want to use your pool, don't. A variety of solar reels are available that help remove swimming pool solar covers with less hassle for you and no stress on the solar blankets. Simple strong crank and base reels pivot out of the way of swimmers.



Swimming Pool Fencing is Easy To Install

One of the most appealing things about swimming pool fencing is the fact that it's so easy to install. Swimming pool fencing comes with interlocking sections that fit together easily, making installation simple and time efficient.

Whatever style of swimming pool fencing you decide to choose, it can greatly reduce the threat of drownings and also enhance the look of your swimming pool.
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Most often forgotten when applying sunscreen.


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