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Under normal conditions, pipes leading from a pool's drain, or into the pool's pumps, draw water from the pool creating suction. If something blocks the pool drain leading into this pipe, the amount of suction will increase as the pump draws water past the obstruction. This increased suction can entrap parts of a person's body, causing the person to be held underwater. In wading pools, if a child sits on the drain outlet, the suction can cause disembowelment.

Swimming Pool Fencing is Easy To Install

Possibly one of the best features of swimming pool fencing is the ease with which it can be installed. Interlocking sections make pool fencing an easy-to-install addition to any swimming pool. Pool fencing is a good choice of swimming pool accessory to add whether it be aesthetic value, safety, or a combination of both that you are looking for. (read more installing pool fences)

Pool safety articles and information

Pool safety tips

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