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Pool Fencing provides additional security for children!

Drowning is the second leading injury-related cause of death in children ages 14 to 5, and the leading injury-related cause of death in children ages 5 and under.
In response to an alarming trend of children drowning in pools, many cities and counties across the nation have passed fencing ordinances. It is mandatory that
any home or residential dwellings with a swimming pool have pool fencing, or other protective barriers erected around the perimeter of the pool.

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 5 and under in the United States, and it happens without a sound. Seldom do adults hear anything when a child drowns. Over 900 children's lives are lost annually due to drowning. Many drowning and near drowning tragedies occur in inground swimming pools. 9 out of 10 of the reported drowning occurred when a small child simply wondered too close to the pool.

Unfortunately, many pools are not fenced, not because of expense, but because the pool owners find fences unattractive. The necessity of swimming pool fencing doesn't mean that the attractiveness of your swimming pool will be hindered. If installed correctly, swimming pool fencing can actually enhance the way your inground or above ground swimming pool looks, as well as the beauty of your backyard landscaping.

You can prevent the tragic lost of life by taking the necessary step and erecting a fence or protective barrier around your swimming pool. The additional cost is
worth the price of a human life.

It is very important that the pool fencing you choose comes with self-latching gates, high enough so that small children cannot reach. The minimum height of the gates and fencing should be four feet. Other safeguards include door buzzers, to alert you when a child enters the swimming pool area. If cost is not an issue, security cameras are becoming increasingly popular and well worth the investment.

Swimming pool fences come in a variety of styles including chain link, wrought iron, wood, and vinyl and are easy-to-install. Sectional pieces fit together for a quick and easy installation.

Installing swimming pool fencing around your pool ensures that you will be complying with any local ordinances or regulations that may exist in your area. The most importantly issue, you will be providing that extra safeguard, which could mean the difference between a life and death.


Swimming pool fencing serves multiple purposes. Many people choose to install swimming pool fencing to add a stylish look to their swimming pool area. Others install pool fencing as a means of increasing safety around the pool area. Still others find it necessary to install pool fencing to comply with local regulations. Whatever your reason for adding swimming pool fencing, you will be glad to know that pool fencing is readily available and easy to install for any application. The two main types of swimming pool fencing are swimming pool fencing for Inground swimming pool fencing and pool fencing for Above Ground swimming pool fences.



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