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Pool Fencing Adds Security

Probably more drownings and near drowning tragedies occur in inground swimming pools. Don't let it happen to you! Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 5 and under in the United States, and it happens without a sound. Seldom do adults hear anything when a
child drowns.

You can prevent such tragedies by taking the necessary step of erecting a fence or protective barrier around your swimming pool. The additional cost is worth the cost of human life.

All over the country, cities and counties are enforcing ordinances mandating fencing or other protective barriers around swimming pools. Both inground and aboveground pool fencing offers increased security
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Pool Fencing Adds Style

Take a look at this picture. The Inground style of pool fencing is made from cast aluminum and is designed to look like wrought iron fencing. (Read more about pool fencing style)



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